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  • Visual Inspection Challenges - Visual inspections are an integrated part of modern quality controls. However, current systems that are based on pattern matching technology are prone to false positives. In fact, in some cases the error rate is as high as 50%, leading to unnecessary costs and bottlenecks. To enable smarter visual inspections, HACARUS has developed SPECTRO the world’s only sparse modeling based AI visual inspection system.

  • Maintenance Challenges - Many manufacturers seek optimum use of tools and machines, but many are underutilized and replaced early or overused to the point of breakdown an estimated 80% of manufacturers incorporate preventive maintenance to address this issue, but now over half of manufacturers are introducing predictive maintenance using data analytics such as SPECTRO.


  • AI using Small Data - In a world where AI is growing increasingly popular, Deep Learning is arguably the most well known AI technology. However, Deep Learning is also associated with the need for large amounts of data in order to obtain accurate results. This has led many companies to have issues adopting AI, as they are unable to collect sufficient data. With our award winning AI technology, there is no more need to worry about data size anymore.

  • Explainable Solutions - Whether it's in business or medicine, it is essential to understand the decision making process that AI models take to make a prediction. Once again, with Deep Learning, results are hidden behind a black-box, neural network, making it impossible to determine why certain conclusions were made. Sparse Modeling provides feedback explaining the results and reasoning behind its solutions, giving it an edge against conventional AI methods.

  • High Speed, Low Power Consumption - For other systems that require large amounts of data, high-spec hardware, such as Graphic Processing Units (GPU) is required, which consumes a lot of power and is time intensive. Making use of its lightweight design, our Sparse Modeling technology is able to be integrated into our customer’s existing systems because of its low processing loads. In addition, we are also experienced in providing both cloud-based and on-site solutions tailored to their needs.


  1. Product/Service

    SPECTRO - AI Powered

    SPECTRO - AI Powered Visual Inspection
    The world’s only sparse modeling based AI visual inspection system. Fueled by AI, SPECTRO can create highly accurate models from small data sets. SPECTRO can learn faster and produce better results than traditional pattern matching and deep learning based systems - saving our customers on avg. 30% on quality inspection related costs.

  2. Product/Service

    SPECTRO - Predictive Maintenance

    SPECTRO - Predictive Maintenance
    Our end-to-end platform to equip businesses with predictive maintenance. Features such as smart alerting tools, root-cause analysis, equipment health monitoring, and an overall reduction in maintenance costs can be achieved by analyzing data such as vibration, sound, temperature or monitoring the energy consumption with AI. This reduces false alerts and reveals problems in performance earlier to predict failure before they occur. Clusters of machines can also be managed which gives users control of a complex network of devices for monitoring and tracking.

  3. Product/Service

    SPECTRO GO - Visual Inspection Starter Kit

    SPECTRO GO - Visual Inspection Starter Kit
    A visual inspection starter kit that is perfect for those who are new to AI or visual inspection. Equipped with our own Sparse Modeling technology, the kit allows you to experience the benefits of visual inspection without purchasing additional equipment. The kit includes a powerful PC unit from Congatec, an inspection stand, visual inspection camera, and a 6-month developer licence of SPECTRO. The PC unit comes pre-installed, enabling a fast, easy, and affordable solution for your inspection needs.



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