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  • Advance Planning and Scheduling

  • The Excel form can be move directly into an electronic form for an iPad or a Windows tablet. It can move move to paperless system seamless and without losting any of the convenience handwritten paper form. Document management function offers user simple and secure browsing of relevant documents such as manuals, Microsoft office, or website formats. There is no need to carry heavy documents around any logner.

  • The NX Mach™ Series software offers preconfigured solutions targeted to specific product development disciplines and problems. You can extend and enhance the functionality of the Mach Series with add-on modules. These add-ons enable you to configure your solutions to specific requirements.

    This product facilitates the powerful technology of milling, drilling, roughing, rest milling, semi-finishing and contoured surface finishing of the freeform surfaces. This capability includes additional functions needed for high-speed machining.

    Simcenter including
    - Simcenter CAE
    - Simcenter Simulation
    - Physical Testing

  • Production, Logistics simulation, Optimization, Robot Simulation, Human Simulation and validation


  • ISID Thailand is the only Siemens PLM partner that receive Platinum Partner status in Thailand.

  • ISID provides a Siemens PLM NX training course or Unigraphics (UG) NX to all felds of use CAD, CAM, CAE. Also, ISID provides a wide variety of NX training course that will suit to all user at any level from beginners with little or no experience on how to use NX until experienced engineer. With well experienced and certifed trainer ISID can provide the most comprehensive training course that will increase the learner technique and skill for the program.

  • ISID Thailand has a team with the most expertise that is ready to pass on technology and advanced knowledge from Japan to our customers with the great quality

  • ISID Thailand is a certified partner from the leading automobile manufacturing company in Thailand. Help, guide and complement suppliers in implementing Siemens PLM solutions.


  1. Product/Service

    Opcenter APS

    Opcenter PL is a strategic decision tool designed to aid you in long and mid-term planning. It considers forecast and long-term orders, supports decision making about the feasibility and affects the general direction of productions.

    Opcenter SC is an interactive, multi-constraint scheduling system. Availability of resources and additional constraints, such as tooling and materials, are all taken into consideration during scheduling to ensure an accurate model of your environment. Orders can be scheduled quickly using intelligent built-in rules, and the planner also has the ability to manually interact with the schedule to make changes based on their experience or new information.

  2. Product/Service


    i-Reporter is paperless digital report solution that changing handwritten report directly into tablet. It can help to elimitates transcription errors, Automating aggregation report in calculation, eliminate the physical form storage by using electronic storage.

  3. Product/Service

    NX CAD

    NX CAD (formerly Unigraphics) is a robust 3D solution that provides fast and realistic concept design and modeling. Superior in power and flexibility, NX CAD design tools are a breakthrough in the industry.

    NX for manufacturing provides comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in a single system. This enable the use of consistent 3D models, data and processes to connect planning and shop floor operation in order to complete more effectively with the next generation manufacturing technology.

    Simcenter™ is a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test tools that support you at every step in your digital journey. Simcenter is a key component within Xcelerator.

    Becoming a Simcenter customer means more than purchasing world-class software or services; it opens the door to an unrivaled wealth of engineering expertise. Our technological solutions are backed by a global team of engineering specialists, dedicated to helping you meet the challenges of your industry and exceed the expectations of your market.

    We believe that the comprehensive digital twin is critical to the future of engineering innovation and that simulation and test are the beating heart of the digital twin. By providing you with insight into the real-world performance of your product or process, Simcenter allows you to accelerate innovation over the entire lifecycle

  4. Product/Service

    Plant Simulation

    Plant Simulation is a application for modeling, simulating, analyzing, visualizing and optimizing production systems and processes, the flow of materials and logistic operations. Using Plant Simulation, users can optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of plant planning from global production facilities, through local plants, to specific lines.

    Process Simulate is a robotics and automation programming solutions enable work in both data-managed and file-based environments for the development of robotic and automated production systems. These tools address multiple levels of robot simulation and workstation development, from single-robot stations to complete production lines and zones.

  5. Product/Service


    MindSphere® is the leading industrial IoT as a service solution that uses advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud.



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