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  • We help companies to solve recruitment data management challenges by unifying data, software, and team as one.
    When all the recruitment data is centrally managed, the recruitment process becomes seamless and there is no time loss
    which happens when going back and forth to check data that is in multiple places.
    Individuals and teams also have access to the same data therefore making reporting smooth.

  • We optimize job-candidate matching results for recruitment companies'. Matching function makes it possible to consider the whole database and bring you the best match results. The process can aslo be automated such that less time is spent on matching but still achieve desirable results. Matching can be done both from Job side and from candidate side.

  • We provide a recruitment software that is flexible to align with a company's business flow, a software that adapts to the ever changing business needs. One can freely customize the software as need arises at no extra cost. This function greatly supports businesses that are expanding and need to adjust their business flow when changes happen.


  • We help recruitment business achieve higher results by optimizing their recruitment processes.

  • We help recruitment business grow by enabling them to fully utilize their time and effort on results oriented tasks

  • We have experience in the market to provide tailor-made guidance to our customers on how they can acchieve maximum efficiency and productivity in their business.

  • We walk the journey with our customers. Our customer success team is always ready to offer consultation for various business challenges.


  1. Product/Service

    HR-Business Cloud

    HR-Business Cloud is Recruitment Software for Recruitment Agencies, Staffing Agencies, RPO, Inhouse Recruiters and Corporate HR.



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