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  • Promoting Food Innovation
    (e.g., reducing food loss, devising new menus using AI, etc.)

  • Promoting innovation in materials development
    (e.g., speeding up the development of new environmentally friendly materials)

  • Promoting innovation in energy-related fields
    Example: Improving the efficiency of renewable energy operations

  • Promoting innovation in healthcare/medical-related fields
    Example: AI drug discovery, personalized services


  • With Thiago from Deepmind at the helm, we are able to develop fully customized AI at the highest level, helping you to create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • We have a well-balanced team of engineers who research and develop cutting-edge technologies, and a business team with extensive experience in AI and business building. We can not only develop cutting-edge technologies, but also provide consulting on how to utilize them.

  • Flexibility to meet customer requirements. We can provide capabilities that are not part of the traditional competencies of these companies, such as cloud-first development, data privacy, and, importantly, the development of custom AI models for intelligent prediction and suggestion capabilities.

  • In addition to developing algorithms at the cutting edge of originality, we can streamline development costs by reusing code and IP from our other development projects.


  1. Product/Service


    Conduct research and development using our advanced technology

    ➖Scientific simulation for materials and drug discovery
    ➖Early detection of diseases and prediction of disease progression
    ➖Research and development using natural language processing Data mining to search information in research papers

  2. Product/Service

    Sustainability Innovation

    Sustainability Innovation
    Sustainability-related Support services for new business development

  3. Product/Service

    ESG & decarbonization service

    ESG & decarbonization services using advanced AI are currently being prepared.



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