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  • Companies having issues digitising and storing paper business cards. Finding a way to systematically manage and centralise all of their business cards in one place

  • Companies who are struggling to catch up with digital transformation measures. Unable to transit smoothly nor adapt well into the digital norms of online meetings, networking and webinars.

  • Companies who are unable to work remotely due to the nature of company's traditional paper invoicing process

  • Companies who receive invoices of all formats and finding a hard time to manage/store their invoices in one place, wasting more time searching for invoices.


  • For top management to visualise and map out all the connections from all employees within the organisation

  • For Marketing and Sales looking to network in online webinars and events but unable to exchange contact details effectively. For Teams to work together and collaborate effectively to increase productivity.

  • Helping companies take the first step towards digital transformation starting by letting Bill One receive and digitise your paper invoices for you.

  • Scan, Digitise, Centralise invoices. Manage your invoices in the cloud today and make remote work a reality.


  1. Product/Service

    Sansan - Contact Management Solution.

    Sansan - Contact Management Solution. Digitise paper business card and centralise all them in your organisation's contact database. Now with Virtual Card feature, build actionable contacts in hybrid business environments and connect to people easily from around the world with QR codes.

  2. Product/Service

    Bill One

    Bill One - Invoice management solution. Accelerate month-end closing for your teams to focus on higher value productivity.



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