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  • Organisations spend millions of dollars each year to implement management technologies to eliminate paper from their workflows. But once a signature is required many revert back to the cumbersome traditional paper workflow.

  • From medical treatment to mortgages, a signature is still the most familiar and personal way to prove your commitment in important, decision-making moments. But workflows requiring in-person signatures are inefficient and time-consuming to complete when they rely solely on paper.

  • When signing an important document, it's vital to ensure that the signature is genuine. This can be tricky when a company employee and a customer don't know each other by sight. So, how do you spot someone who's trying to fake a signature?

  • Many organization is trying to migrate into digitization to increase their work efficiency, but many of the existing solutions are pretty digital-oriented which does not allow you to have a natural "pen and paper" feeling as they normally do in their daily workflow.


  • A digital esignature workflow drastically reduces the numbers of steps required, and eliminates the need for hard copy ink signatures altogether, thereby dramatically reducing your costs while at the same time increasing your productivity that equire in-person interactions.

  • No other pen-enabled devices provide such a familiar yet digital in-person signing and writing experience. When organizations want reliable solutions for digitizing their core paper-based processes, Wacom when it enables biometrically-accurate performance, unbeatable reliability and maximum use-case flexibility.

  • Wacom Ink SDK for verification lets organizations build signature verification into their document management systems. The SDK enables handwritten eSignatures to be authenticated:
    ・Dynamically at the point of signing, or
    ・After the fact as part of an organization's fraud detection procedures.

  • Wacom solutions help make organizations more digital and more human by enabling them to digitize document workflows with consistent, biometric accuracy while preserving a familiar handwritten input experience for customers and employees.


  1. Product/Service

    Wacom Signature Pads

    Wacom Signature Pads deliver outstanding reliability and signature clarity in attractive form factors that complement any counter. This captures a wealth of biometric data that enables accurate electronic signature verification - an important part of a multi-factor authentication policy whenever important documents need to be signed and validated.

  2. Product/Service

    Wacom Pen Displays

    Wacom Pen Displays enable to write, draw, or sign directly on screen with biometrically accurate and beautifully rendered digital ink.
    Handling electronic forms and communicating complex concepts is as easy with Wacom Pen Displays as it is with pen and paper.

  3. Product/Service

    Mobile signature

    Wacom pen-enabled mobile signature devices have become standard business tools in organizations of all kinds. In particular, field staff and their customers value the ability to complete forms, annotate documents and sign papers with handwritten electronic signatures.

  4. Product/Service

    sign pro PDF

    The sign pro PDF software digitizes the capture of these handwritten signatures. sign pro PDF is a professional solution for adding handwritten signatures and text to digital documents. It enables anyone to sign documents and complete forms with a digital pen, eliminating the need to print, scan and send paper documents.

  5. Product/Service

    Wacom Ink SDK for verification

    Wacom Ink SDK for verification provides immediate and highly accurate confirmation that a handwritten eSignature is genuine.A software-based method of digitally verifying handwritten eSignatures in real time. As such, it helps prevent fraud across a wide range of signature-centric workflows in variety of industries.

  6. Product/Service

    Wacom Ink SDK

    Wacom Ink SDK is enabling electronic signatures and form-processing within document workflows, out-of-the-box.The Wacom Ink SDKs allow you to augment existing apps with digital ink features or design entirely new ones. Whichever you choose to do, your benefits are the same.



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